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Nice to teach every one who has interrested on how Rwandan women make agaseke

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Agaseke: Symbol of Peace and Love

A traditional Rwandan basket known as agaseke symbolizes peace and love. It is also an important weapon against poverty, particularly among women living in rural areas. However, weaving baskets goes beyond putting food on the table and sending kids to school. The art of weaving baskets brings together Rwandans from three formerly divided ethnic groups, [...]

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At Urugo Eco Lodge, Luxury Meets Simplicity

Deluxe camping has become a popular phrase in the travel industry lately. Also known as glamorous camping, or simply glamping, this trend fuses luxury and simplicity. It is a solution to travelers who need to experience camping without compromising the comfort of their own bedrooms. In Rwanda, this upscale dimension of camping is offered by [...]

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