Cultural Experiences

Discover Rwanda through the eyes of local women artisans and entrepreneurs. The Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center provides training and space for women to learn, demonstrate and sell traditional crafts, artwork and food products. Explore the surrounding community, as well, to learn about local farm and coffee production. Guided tours can be arranged for individuals and groups.

Crafts Demonstrations

The “pods” on the campus of the center were built from clay bricks made by a local women’s cooperative. The pods are round, because Rwandan women prefer to work together in a circle. Watch as they weave natural materials into beautiful baskets and paint the striking black, white and red spirals known as Imigongo, an art form practiced in Rwanda since the 18th century. Learn the meaning of the various traditional designs and how the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center is enabling local women to continue these cherished artistic traditions and use their creativity to earn income.



Watch women make organic yoghurt in our on-site food production facility.

Food Production

The “farm house” is our commercial kitchen, where local women make organic cheese, yoghurt and peanut butter. Learn how these products are made, taste samples and listen as the women share how their new skills are enabling them to earn income, support their families and send their children to school.





A woman demonstrates sustainable farming techniques.

Njagama Women’s Farm Tour

Watch women tending the Njagama women’s organic farm adjacent to the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center. The women can demonstrate sustainable farming techniques, which enable them to grow a broad range of crops, including cassava, cabbage, celery, bananas, tomatoes, carrots, green pepper, onion, lettuce, and spinach. Gain an appreciation for their talents and hard work, and then enjoy the bounty of their harvest in dishes served at the Urugo Restaurant!





Discover how coffee is grown and processed on this fascinating experience.

Coffee Trail

Follow Olivier, the barista at the Roadside Café, on a 6km trek through a lush valley to a local coffee farm and bean washing facility. Learn about local coffee plants, how the beans are processed and taste a variety of native blends. This invigorating hike will touch all your senses, as you learn about local flora and fauna, farming traditions and one man’s love of coffee.





Be ready to capture the many colors of Rwanda!

Kayonza Town

Discover how the locals live with a 2km walk or moto ride into Kayonza Town. We’ll recommend local bars, restaurants, shops and activities, so you can explore this bustling town on your own, meet friendly local residents and take home incredible memories.





Zebra in the Akagera National Park. Photo by Drew Weatherstone, 2016.

Zebra in the Akagera National Park. Photo by Drew Weatherstone, 2016.

Akagera National Park and Muhazi Scenic Lake

Our staff can recommend a local tour operator to take you into Akagera National Park, home to elephants, buffalo, zebras, waterbuck, giraffes, leopards, hyenas and lions, as well as Muhazi Scenic Lake the favorite stop of an infinite variety of birds. Rest and recharge at the Urugo Eco-Lodge while you plan the next stage in your African adventure.





Supporting Women’s Economic Development

When you enjoy the cultural experiences at the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center, you’re supporting the social and economic development of local women and surrounding communities. Since 2013, the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center has provided a secure, supportive environment where women can find support, access resources, and build life-changing skills to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.  Women for Women International thanks you for choosing the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center.