As COVID- 19 rages, let’s turn to locally made products and help our entrepreneurs weather the storm

As I travel around the country, I usually pack a tablet, detachable keyboard, router, camera, external hard drive, chargers and a myriad of gadgets. In addition to the devices and accessories I can’t do without, I obviously pack clothes, face masks, hand sanitizers and other hygiene products. Packing is an art every traveler needs to master. What to pack and how to pack it is an important topic in the Travel 101 course. The choice of the bag or suitcase used is equally important.


My backpacking background made me hooked to the rucksacks. I have lived my entire life with a small bag on my back, handles strapped around my shoulders. From text books to binoculars and workout gear, I have been carrying a lot of stuff on my back comfortably since I was a little kid. I am currently using a beautiful backpack with multiple compartments. The bag in question was made by skilled women from the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center.


Urugo’s sewing center, in which my backpack was tailored, comprises young women who are in tune with fashion and the latest trends in the global market. Their apparel can compete with any other established brand out there.


Ingabire Aisha has been working under the umbrella of the aforementioned center since completing her formal training. “I am still sharpening my skills. The skills development aspect is a continuous process.” She says. Through her savings, Aisha has bought her own sewing machine and basic tools. Having her own equipment accords her the luxury of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.


Her colleague, Irakiza Martha, is a diploma holder in Computer Science. She is planning to start her own label and leverage the power of technology to grow her brand. As COVID- 19 rages, let’s turn to the made-in-Rwanda products and help our local entrepreneurs weather the storm.