There is a story behind every decorative piece of art

Art fosters creativity, creates jobs and preserves our rich cultural heritage. When you come across a painting, look at the combination of color and texture. Observe the juxtaposition of objects. Muse over shadows, shapes and dimensions. Pay attention to every little detail and you will ultimately get into the creative minds of artists.


There is a story behind every decorative piece of art. Hanging a great story on your wall, unlocking the power of imagination and listening to the silence of non-verbal communication is priceless. By purchasing these artifacts, we promote divergent thinking and reward diligent hands.


We have been spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic. Some of us stare at our walls and realize how boring those walls are. I have been restricting my movements since March last year. The splendid interior design of my favorite restaurant is fading into distant memory. The artistic embellishment of my sports bar is gathering dust. The fancy accessories of that coffee shop I used to frequent are long forgotten. In addition, circumstances have made the ornaments of my executive office insignificant because I am now working from home.


I am stuck in the house staring at the naked wall. The good news is, I don’t have to fly to Dubai or Quanzhou to buy decor items because our very own artisans are making better ones. After all, there is need to reduce our dependency on imported goods. Time has come for us to embrace made in Rwanda products and pump the little air we can gasp into our deflated local businesses.


Turning to our locally made products will spark the much needed economic stimulus plan. Furthermore, putting an artistic touch of cultural significance on our walls will inject a new lease of life into your homes.